What Is Enameled Steel Plate?

Enameled steel plate is made of high-quality steel plate and special functional inorganic non-metallic materials through new electrostatic dry powder coating and high-temperature firing. It is non-flammable, easy to clean and non-radiative.

Enameled steel plate has become the first choice material for low-level space decoration due to its unique porcelain jade texture, non-combustibility, moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, zero maintenance for 30 years, very durable and low maintenance cost. The enamel steel plate fully adapts to the physical environment of the underground space and the characteristics of dense crowds. The enamel steel plate with porcelain jade texture and beautiful colors makes the subway station full of the atmosphere of the times and culture.

More importantly, the enamel porcelain surface has natural antibacterial properties, and the antibacterial performance is far superior to other decorative plates, so it is also used in the medical industry, such as antibacterial enamel steel plates, enamel scalpels, etc. The enamel steel plate has the characteristics of hard porcelain surface (scratch resistance, wear resistance), smoothness, fineness and smoothness, and natural and round luster. The stains on the porcelain surface are easy to clean and are not easy to remain. Subject to erosion, discoloration and damage.