Influence of Steel on Adhesion & Porcelain Surface

Customized Enamel Frit to Optimize the Quality of Enamel Product

Recently, Nolifrit dispatched a professional technical team to provide technical services to an enamel manufacturer and conducted comprehensive testing and analysis of its enamel pot products. The enamel manufacturer uses two different materials of steel plates, namely SPCC steel plate and DCO6EK steel plate. Under the same ground coat, technicians found that the two steel plates showed completely different characteristics.

First of all, for SPCC steel plates, its adhesion is excellent. Adhesion refers to the degree of bonding between the enamel layer and the steel plate. Good adhesion means that the enamel layer will not fall off easily, thus improving the durability of the product. Through testing, Nolifrit technicians confirmed the good performance of SPCC steel plates in this aspect.

However, although the SPCC steel plate has good adhesion, its porcelain surface is uneven. The flatness of the porcelain surface is one of the important indicators to measure the appearance quality of the product. Uneven porcelain surface will reduce the aesthetics of the product.

In contrast, the porcelain surface of DEC06EK steel plate performs very well, being smooth and even. However, the steel plate has poor adhesion and is prone to falling off. This will directly affect the service life and quality of the product.

The material of the steel plate has a direct impact on the adhesion of the enamel product and the quality of the porcelain surface. After in-depth research and analysis, Nolifrit's technical team came up with a solution: Aiming at the problem of good adhesion to the SPCC steel plate but uneven porcelain surface, Nolifrit suggested using a special enamel formula to improve the flatness of the porcelain surface. By adjusting the ingredient proportions and process parameters in the formula, Nolifrit successfully customized a high-quality enamel glaze for the enamel manufacturer, making the porcelain surface of the SPCC steel plate smoother and more uniform.

Regarding the problem of poor adhesion of DEC06EK steel plate but good porcelain surface, Nolifrit recommends customers to use enamel that can effectively improve product adhesion, which can effectively improve the durability and quality of the product.

Through this technical service, Nolifrit demonstrated its profound technical strength and service level to customers. It not only theoretically explains the impact of steel plate material on the quality of enamel products, but also provides customers with practical solutions through customized solutions.

Hunan Nolifrit will continue to be committed to providing technical support and quality services to enamel manufacturers, constantly innovating and improving the formulas and processes of enamel glazes, providing customers with better products and solutions, and assisting the development and progress of the industry.