Nolifrit "The Power of Mission" Lecture

Use standardized enamels to promote the development of enamel factories, and join hands with enamel factories to make human life healthier and better!

Nolifrit, an enterprise guided by lofty ideals and with long-term and steady development, recently formally established the company's vision and mission, reflecting the national enterprise's deep commitment and responsibility to society, the industry, and its employees. Its mission is to pursue the dual material and spiritual happiness of all employees. At the same time, with standardized enamel frits as its core competitiveness, it promotes the sustainable development of enamel factories and jointly builds a healthier and better life for mankind.

The mission statement, as a concrete expression of the vision, is not only the compass for the future development of the enterprise, but also the fundamental basis for all decision-making. In order to deepen all employees' understanding and recognition of the mission and achieve the common growth of employees and the company, Nolifrit held a special lecture on the theme of "The Power of Mission" on May 11, 2024.

This lecture aims to inspire employees' sense of mission and responsibility through an in-depth interpretation of the company's mission, guide employees to closely integrate personal development with corporate development, and jointly promote innovation and progress in the enamel industry. During the lecture, the company leader, Mr. Luo, elaborated on the connotation and significance of the mission, specifically emphasizing the following two points:

First, it emphasizes the important position and role of standardized enamels in the enamel industry. It is necessary to lower the technical threshold of enamel production by promoting enamel frit (enamel pre-ground powder) products that can be used directly by adding water, so that enamel factories can reduce production costs and increase profit margins;

Second, it demonstrates Nolifrit's responsibility and responsibility as an industry leader. By helping enamel factories to continuously develop new products, improve product quality, reduce product prices, and provide people with more choices, people can fully enjoy the health, environmental protection, durability and easy cleaning conveniences brought by enamel products at a very small cost. At the same time, Because the beautiful appearance and rich shapes of enamel products that remain as new for hundreds of years bring the beauty of life!


In the lecture, Mr. Luo explained how he achieved his mission and made customers happy in practice by telling personal cases. A new domestic customer wanted to develop an enamel barbecue grill, but he had never been exposed to the enamel industry. If we follow the traditional process, it will take several months just to understand the operation technology, and it may not be possible to do it well! In order to reduce the customer's difficulty in using it, we provided the customer with small batches of standardized enamel powder samples, and at the same time patiently taught him how to use enamel powder according to the standardized process. After three days of continuous contact and remote guidance, the customer finally trial-produced the first real enamel barbecue grill. The customer's achievements have further strengthened the customer's confidence in making enamel, and they also spoke highly of our professional technical level and service attitude.


Through this lecture, Nolifrit not only successfully delivered the mission statement to every employee, but also stimulated the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, injecting strong impetus into the future development of the company. In the future, Nolifrit will continue to uphold the mission of "making human life healthier and better", continue to promote the innovation and development of the enamel industry, and contribute more to the realization of the vision of a better human life.