Nolifrit Sales Team Share the Experience of

How To Provide Professional Enamel Service To Enamel Customers

As a member of the service team, the senior foreign trade salesperson of Nolifrit recently successfully completed technical service work for foreign enamel customer. This business trip not only won the company a good reputation, but also provided other employees with valuable experience sharing.


The mission of this business trip is to provide technical services to a number of foreign enamel manufacturers. These customers have shown strong interest in the company's enamel frits, especially enamel electrostatic powder (black electrostatic powder, matte and glossy electrostatic powder, etc.), self-cleaning enamel powder, cast iron enamel frit, enamel ground coat and other products, and hope to obtain more information on product performance, enameling processes and quality control. After receiving the task, our foreign trade salesmen immediately conducted detailed communication and discussions with the company's technical team to ensure accurate answers and solutions to customer problems. After on-site proofing and multiple tests, customers expressed high recognition of our product performance and professional capabilities.

After returning to the company, the senior salesperson summarized her business trip experience and shared it with other employees of the company. She emphasized the details and precautions in the technical service process, and encouraged everyone to pay attention to communication and cooperation with customers at work, to understand the real needs of customers through multiple channels, and to continuously improve their enamel knowledge in daily life. Better solve customer problems.

Nolifrit will continue to be committed to providing high-quality products and professional services to the global enamel industry. Through this successful technical service experience, the company has further strengthened the training and support for the foreign trade business team to ensure the company's competitiveness and leadership position in the global market.