Nolifrit Received Foreign Enamel Manufacturer

Demonstrated Exquisite Craftsmanship of Enamel Cast Iron Pots, Which Was Highly Praised

On April 22, Nolifrit welcomed a group of foreign customers from afar who were curious about the production technology of enamel cast iron pots and the performance of enamel frit products. In order to help customers deeply understand the manufacturing process and performance characteristics of enameled cast iron pots, Nolifrit's technical team conducted a detailed introduction and demonstration.


During the reception, Nolifrit's technical staff first introduced the relevant knowledge of enamel frit to the customer team, including its raw material composition, performance characteristics and application in the production of enameled cast iron pots. They explained in detail the importance of the choice of enamel frit for the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of cast iron pots, and how to improve the overall quality of the product by precisely controlling the enamel ratio.

Subsequently, Nolifrit's technical staff showed the customers the complete enameling process of enameled cast iron pots. From metal pretreatment (sand blasting), enamel frit preparation, ball milling, sieving, to enamel frit slurry coating, sample drying, firing and other aspects, Nolifrit adheres to an attitude of excellence to ensure that Our customers' enameled cast iron pots all meet high quality standards. Customers highly appreciate Nolifrit's professionalism.

In order to allow customers to understand product performance more intuitively, Nolifrit also invited customers to participate in the casting process of cast iron pots. Customers got their hands on the casting and enameling process of enameled cast iron pans and were full of praise for the final product. They all said that the enamel cast iron pots made with Nolifrit's cast iron enamel frit not only have beautiful appearance and excellent performance, but also show good adhesion and acid resistance.


By strengthening interaction and communication with customers, customers have gained a lot of professional enamel technical knowledge, deepened brand trust and connections, and established friendly cooperative relationships. Nolifrit always serves every customer well, leads the sustained and healthy development of the industry, and injects confidence and power into the enamel industry.