Nolifrit 2023 Year-end Conference

Nolifrit 2023 year-end conference was officially held on January 27. All employees of Nolifrit Company gathered together to warmly celebrate the hard work and outstanding achievements of the past year. This grand annual event is not only a recognition and commendation of employees, but also a blueprint for future development.


The meeting started with a summary report of the work of each department. Employees of each department reported in detail the work progress and results achieved this year. Everyone actively shares experiences, exchanges ideas, and jointly discusses how to further improve work efficiency and quality and contribute more to the company's development.  

Then, General Manager Mr. Wang Haiyun delivered an important speech. He reviewed the company's excellent results in the past year: the sales completion rate in 2023 was 97%, and the net profit achieved the expected target. Heartfelt thanks to all employees for their hard work. He emphasized the future development direction and Nolifrit's mission, which is to pursue the material and spiritual happiness of all Nolifrit people, develop standardized enamels, promote the development of the enamel industry, and make human beings healthier and live better lives. And encourage everyone to maintain a positive attitude and grow with the company.


Immediately followed was the signing of the certificate of responsibility. Some employees came on stage to sign the certificate of responsibility, promising to continue working hard in the new year and make greater contributions to the development of the company. This link shows everyone's commitment and determination to the future. In the future, we will work as hard as anyone else to achieve performance goals.


This was followed by a shareholding ceremony. Some employees were selected as partners by the company due to their outstanding performance in the past year and received equity incentives. This is undoubtedly a high recognition of their personal abilities and efforts, and also encourages them to continue to strive in the future and contribute more to the company's success.


One of the highlights of the meeting was the annual commendation session. The company awarded a series of awards to employees and teams with outstanding performance in different fields, such as the Love and Dedication Award, the Altruistic Award, the Old Steed Award, the Sales Champion, Outstanding Employees, Outstanding Lecturers, etc. wait. The efforts and achievements of these outstanding members are praised and affirmed, and they also inspire other employees to work harder and strive to obtain more honors in the next year.


The lottery and game sessions allowed all employees to relax and enhance communication and interaction with each other. The lucky ones won generous prizes, and laughter and surprise filled every corner of the venue.

Finally, everyone enjoyed a delicious team dinner together. At this moment, the warmth and cohesion of the company's family are best reflected. Everyone can speak freely in a relaxed atmosphere and enhance understanding and friendship.

Through this year-end meeting, Nolifrit Company demonstrated its brilliant achievements in the past year and its future development vision. Employees are motivated by recognition and encouragement and face new challenges with confidence. I believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, Nolifrit Company will achieve more brilliant achievements!