Master-Student Pairing, Passing On The Torch

Nolifrit Held A Mentorship Ceremony

If you want to get started in the enamel industry, there is a certain technical threshold. In order to allow new employees to quickly adapt to their positions, change their roles, quickly master enamel professional skills and professionalism, and promote the overall development of new employees, on February 17, 2023, Nolifrit held a mentorship ceremony.

The ceremony is divided into three parts. In the first part, the apprentice performs three kowtows, reads the invitation letter, and offers tea to the master three times under the guidance of the performer. In the third part, the master gave back the reply post and sent a message. Presenting the post of worshiping the master is the reverence and recognition for the master, worshiping the tea for the master is the sincerity and entrustment to the master, correcting the clothes and presenting the message is the earnest hope of the master for the apprentice.

As a master, he should care for, love and help his apprentices in terms of thought, work and life. He should play an exemplary role in dealing with people and things. At the same time, he should spread the company's corporate culture and do a good job in spreading, helping and teaching.

As an apprentice, in work and life, you must respect master, obey master's arrangements, abide by the company's rules and regulations, work with peace of mind, learn with an open mind, endure hardships and stand hard work, and unite with colleagues. Most importantly, learning the knowledge and skills related to enamel and enamel frit to solve customer doubts and meet professional needs

I believe that after this short ceremony, a pair of mentors and apprentices will have a long and pleasant work experience. Let them encourage each other and make progress together. Certainly form a deep teacher-student friendship and become good teachers and helpful friends.