Improve Ground Coat Surface By Pre-Treatment

—Nolifrit Significantly Improve The Product Competitiveness of Enamel Manufacturer

In September 2023, in order to solve the problem of insufficient ground coat porcelain surface effect encountered by enamel manufacturers, Nolifrit dispatched experienced technical engineer Mr. Zhou and salesmen to go overseas to work closely with enamel customers to find out the fundamental s solution.

As a senior technician, Mr. Zhou communicated deeply with the technicians of the enamel manufacturer as soon as he landed to understand the current problems.

After repeated experiments and demonstrations, Mr. Zhou found that improving the pickling treatment on the metal surface could solve the enamel ground coat adhesion problem that troubled customers. In order to achieve better porcelain surface effects, he tried different pickling agents and pickling times, and combined with his many years of practical experience, he made fine adjustments during the pickling process.

(The picture shows the comparison of the effects before and after improving the pickling process)

By improving the metal pretreatment methods and personally performing pickling, Mr. Zhou succeeded in significantly improving the enamel ground coat porcelain surface, which greatly improved the customer's product quality and market competitiveness. This breakthrough technical solution has been highly praised by customers. Even the Ph.D. technical engineer of the enamel manufacturer was full of praise for Mr. Zhou, giving a thumbs up and repeatedly praising "Master" in Chinese!

Nolifrit Company has always been driven by technological innovation and is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services. The company will continue to increase investment in research and development, continuously improve the performance of enamel frits, and actively respond to customer needs to provide more comprehensive technical support. It is believed that with the unremitting efforts of Nolifrit, enamel products will gain wider recognition and application in the global market.