How To Make Enamel Stove Grill with Good Quality

Recently, we have received some enquiries from newbie enamel customers about the related issues of the enamel stove grill, and responded that they dont know how to make enamel stove grills with good quality. I believe this is a puzzle that many enamel factories have experienced in their novice period. In this article, Nolifrit enamel frit manufacturer will answer this question for you, and hope it can be helpful.

In fact, what kind of enamel stove grill is a good one? From the professional point of view of enamel coating, it is mainly divided into three aspects: First, the appearance. The excellent appearance is reflected in the good quality of the enamel surface, and the enamel stove grill is smooth, delicate and shiny. The second is good quality. In terms of the internal structure of the enamel, the adhesion performance of the enamel stove grill is better, and the quality is better if it is not easy to remove the enamel under impact. The third is excellent physical and chemical properties. Which makes the enamel stove grill withstand the salt spray test for 72 hours, does not rust, and resistant to cold and heat. If its impact resistance can reach more than 300 degrees for five times, it is basically a good enamel stove grill.

To produce enamel stove grills with good quality, the material selection and process are very important links. At present, Nolifrit enamel frit for stove grill be resistant to the salt spray test for 72 hours without rusting, and it is resistant to thermal shock. Up to 380 degrees, the surface is delicate and shiny, so a good enamel stove grill needs to choose a good steel plate, a good enamel frit, and strictly control the process in the production. Then the effect of the enamel product will be naturally better.