Difference Between Different Steel Substrate

Steel enamel is a common type of enamel. The carbon content is the main difference between the types of steel s. There are pure iron, titanium steel, unclean cold-rolled steel, and extremely low carbon steel. What is the difference between these steel s for enamel?

1. Pure iron: Pure iron is a steel  for enamel developed by the United States. Because it has less sag after firing, and there are few enamel defects, it has been used in the United States and other countries for a long time. It is the most suitable steel  for enamel. However, due to very few other impurities, it is not easy to process and stretch, and the price is too high, so the use is limited;

2. Titanium steel: Titanium steel uses titanium as a deoxidizer. The advantage is to prevent hydrogen and carbon dioxide from escaping during heating, so as to obtain good enamel quality. Successful, but too expensive to popularize;

3. Zero carbon steel SPP (extremely low carbon steel ): Because of the extremely low carbon content, the steel  sags very little during firing, it has excellent workability, and the adva