Customer Visit Nolifrit To Learn Enamel Technology

On March 4, Nolifrit welcomed a group of guests from abroad. This is a group of new customers who have entered the enamel industry. The purpose of their visit is to have an in-depth understanding of the production process and glaze effects of enamel products, and to seek in-depth cooperation with Nolifrit.

Nolifrit attaches great importance to this visit and specially arranged for the company's foreign trade personnel and technical team members to accompany and provide technical support throughout the process. Under the professional guidance of technical staff, customers personally participated in the enamel sampling process. From the selection of enamel glaze to the release of the finished enamel, they personally participated in every step and experienced it in depth.

After several hours of careful production, exquisite enamel samples were presented to everyone. Customers are full of praise for the effect and professionalism of Noli's products. They said that the finished enamel products made of Noli enamel frit have excellent performance in terms of gloss, texture, impact resistance, and adhesion. Extremely high quality. At the same time, they also expressed their high respect for the professional and technical team of Nolifrit, believing that their rigorous, meticulous and professional attitude during the entire enamel production process provided them with valuable learning and reference opportunities.

This visit not only gave the new customers a deeper understanding of the enamel industry, but also gave them a more intuitive understanding of Noli's products and services. They said that they would maintain a close cooperative relationship with Nolifrit in the future and jointly promote the development of the enamel industry.

As a manufacturer of enamel glazes and high-temperature resistant inorganic pigments, Nolifrit will continue to be committed to providing high-quality products and one-stop services to global customers. Through technological innovation and service upgrades, we will continue to meet customer needs and provide customers with professional solutions. plans to enhance the company’s competitiveness and market influence.